my first week at the pet house.

my apologies as this is another repost from my defunct friendster blog. i'm still attempting to build my li'l history here.

"a different week"
aug. 16, 2008

nope. i didn’t find a boyfriend. it was far from that [LOL!!!]

i describe the week past as different because i spent the entire week,
well, almost a week at my pet house in mactan.

eh? what’s so special about that?

nothing really except that it was something that i never imagine would happen. me, moving out of our house and trying to make it on my own. although i’m already 29, my experience in household management is next to zero. unbelievable as it is, i’m a 29-year old piece of humanity who is still waited on by an entity we call "mother." at home, i’m served my food each meal, including a mug of milk each morning. i don’t do my own laundry, wash the dishes, or do some house cleaning. i’m a non-contributing member of the household as all i do is sleep, eat, go to work.

well, the sleep-eat-go to work routine changed. like i said, the week past was different this time. i left our house late sunday afternoon lugging a few change of clothes, my books, and birthday gifts from officemates. from that day, i tried cooking my own rice and burned it because the pot i bought had a rather thin bottom. right, i ate a slightly burnt rice the first night. probably my fault as i refuse to buy rice cooker as i like the smell of "dukot." no decent dish to go with the rice as i don’t know how to cook. resorted to cooking pancit canton and heating up some canned tuna, hehe. monday came and had to wake up early. haha, 4:30 a.m. a far outcry to my usual 7:30 a.m. wake up time. nah, i wasn’t excited, i just have noisy neighbors that don’t fail to wake me up at that hour. anyhow, over the week i managed to prepare myself "no longer" burnt rice as i got a new thick-bottomed pot, porridge, pancakes, tomato omelette, choco-flavored oatmeal with ripe mango bits, walang kamatayang "corned beef with egg" and some more canned tuna. i also managed to do the things i didn’t like doing such as washing the dishes, washing my own clothes, cleaning house, and buying supplies/groceries. doing the grocery part is something i need to get the hang off as moron me didn’t factor in groceries in my monthly budget. thus, i’m a bit curious how i could swing it in my august budget.

earlier today, i left mactan to go to sm to buy some ingredients. yesterday, i resolved to attempt cooking a decent dish. never mind one person would think i followed his suggestion. without being defensive, i did plan of attempting to cook before he even suggested that i do. anyway, the grocery shopping didn’t happen. instead, i had to buy whisper ammu and rolls of tissue. right - i bled and had my pants all stained. straining to walk, i headed back home - not to my pet house.