How to Fund Your COL via Metrobankdirect

If you have a COL stock account, there are many ways to fund your account. One of the easy ways I fund my own account is through Metrobankdirect. This is Metrobank's online portal. While BDO and BPI have their own online portals, my preference is to fund my account using Metrobankdirect. My prime reason is its convenience. This is because my payroll account is with Metrobank. Having enrolled said account online, I can now easily fund my COL using this channel. Online funding via this channel is also okay for me because not only do I save time but I also save on fees. Funding online is free.
Check out below for the quick rundown on how to fund your COL online account via Metrobankdirect:Log in to your Metrobankdirect account. Click on PAY BILLS under Deposit Accounts tab. For registered account, simply look for COL Financial Group Inc. from your list of registered billers. Then input the amount you intend to deposit to your COL as below: Don't forget to also select the Account fro…

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