PAG-IBIG Online Housing Loan Verification

Updated: February 24, 2018
Did you know that you can actually view your Account Information online?

For someone who rely heavily on the Internet for anything and everything, this bit of information came to me late. I honestly don't know when this government portal came to exist. Well, I do know that PAG-IBIG has a website, just not this feature. So if you have a PAG-IBIG housing loan, you can check your account balance and payment history for the last 12 months by visiting the PAG-IBIG website.

How to Access the Site
Simply input your housing loan account number, your first and last names, and the captcha to signify that you are not a robot, shown above. That's it!

Once in, you can check your account information such as loan value, term, interest rate, take out date, outstanding balance, and monthly amortization.
It also has a Billing Statement Email Facility feature where you can opt to receive your monthly billing statement through email. There, you are advised to add the email address to your address book. This will ensure that you will get your billing statement in your inbox.
Its other online services include viewing of Billing Statement and Payment History. Here, you may also opt to download or print.
Do note that HDMF posted a disclaimer that the information found in their website may be slightly delayed.


Finding this site is both a boon and a bane. It's a boon because now I can view my account anytime I want to as long as there's Internet. On the other hand, it's a bane because now I have another figure to think about. Recently my mind is super preoccupied about retirement savings, and now this—the loan amount I still owe the government. Darn.
Yeah, I'm still PhP647,771.39 pesos or nineteen years away from legitimately calling my pethouse my own. A lot could still happen in between now and 2032. Donation, anyone? Hehe... kidding! But if you're serious, who am I to refuse a generous offer, haha!


Wow! Almost five years have passed since I last wrote this article. Well, I'm still paying my monthly amortization with the agency (14 more years to go)! Sadly, I only managed to slash PpP114,107.75 from my loan. Yes, the bulk of your monthly amortization goes to interest payment and insurance. Only a very small portion of your amortization goes to the payment of the loan principal. Sad life. So if you can afford to buy cash, go for it. I can't, so yeah—live with the consequence and truth that is interest payment!

The upside is my monthly amortization has gone down from PhP5,743.09 to just PhP5,608.09. A slash of PhP135 is not much, but still, it's a slash, which you can actually use to buy coffee, if you're into that kind of thing. Generally, HDMF recomputes every five years. They may also offer you to avail of current interest rate. The last time I went there, interest rate was only 6%. However, I opted to stick with my 7% loan interest rather than take a chance at a volatile interest rate. I was afraid that there might be a year where it can go as high as 10–12%. Yeah, I took the safer route.

Oh yeah, to those who has a Metrobank account, you can pay your monthly amortization online. Metrobankdirect is an accredited payment channel. See, beginning July 1, 2018, HDMF branches will no longer accept loan payments over the counter. See my post on How to Pay PAG-IBIG Online through Metrobankdirect. I personally tried paying my monthly amortization using this channel, and it seems to work fine. My payment is actually reflected in my Payment History as below:
If you haven't enrolled your Metrobank account online, here's how: 5 Steps to Enroll Your Metrobank Account Online.


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