5 Steps to Enroll Your Metrobank Account Online

Below is a quick run-through of how to enroll your Metrobank account online:
The steps enumerated are from the perspective of those who have a Metrobank ATM savings account. Thus, the form in step no. 3 asks for details of your ATM Card number (not your bank account) and your PIN number---the same PIN number you key in when transacting with an ATM machine. Note that your ATM card only has sixteen (16) digits. The form will require you to input 19 digits. Thus, don't forget to add three zeroes after the card number to complete the 19-digit requirement.

If you don't have an ATM account, but have a Metrobank credit card instead, you simply select Credit Card from the drop-down menu. The form that you will fill out then will include your credit card number, the embossed name (the one shown on your credit card), the CVC/CVV number (the 3-digit number at the back of your card), and the expiry date.

The rest of the required fields are the same for both cards. Once you successfully fill out the form, you'll receive a Metrobank User Activation e-mail from the banks e-banking division.

In that e-mail, you'll be given a link where you can activate your enrollment. The link is unique to you and is good only for three days. If you fail to activate your account within three days, the link in the e-mail will no longer work, and you will have to do the whole process again. So once you enroll online, make sure to check your e-mail.

Generally, the User Activation e-mail will guide you through the whole process as follows:

1. Click on the Activation Link provided in the e-mail.
2. Key in the temporary password supplied in the e-mail.
3. Read the terms and conditions, click on AGREE.
4. Provide at least two challenge questions and answers, then SAVE.
5. Enter the One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.
6. Change your temporary password.

After successfully doing the steps above, you will receive a Welcome to Metrobankdirect e-mail. You may then go back to Metrobank's website to log in and enjoy the convenience of online banking. Through Metrobankdirect, you can pay bills, transfer funds to other accounts, fund your FAMI (mutual fund) account, check your balances and transactions, among other things.

IMPORTANT:If the information you supplied on the online form is not exactly the sameas the information you supplied when you opened your account at the branch, you may receive an Error Message. Discrepancy may include different mobile number, e-mail address, name, etc. If after following the steps above, and you still get the error message, then you are advised to visit your branch of account. Enrollment to Metrobankdirect is only done once. If you have another Metrobank deposit account, you can simply enroll the account by going to Manage Account option. From there you can choose to enroll your own account or a third-party account for when you need to transfer funds. The same can be done with your credit card account.

All right, folks! That's how easy it is to register your Metrobank account online.