it's been a while since i visited this li'l place. haha, i guess i'm being my lazy self thus the no updates. nah, this is a flat out LIE...hehe

a few weeks back, achinette called my attention for failing to write anything. when she did, i reasoned that i opted to stay away from the blogosphere for my thoughts the past few months were anything but happy thoughts. i was consumed with too much negativity that i didn't want to put the negativity in writing. more than the negativity, i was overwhelmed with fear of being alone in the coming years. i guess, you can say that i was a bit depressed the past few months and i hated to admit it to the world. although, my psych background, tells me that i don't have the symptoms of clinical depression. everyday activity wasn't hampered, i continue to make future plans, evident hygienic behavior [haha, i still get out of bed - shower, brush etc], NO suicidal ideation... so yay - VERY SAFE from being committed to the god-forsaken place of v. sotto's psychiatric ward!!!

she then pointed out that having these fears gives me more reasons to write or something to this effect: [para sure, i went over our exchange and this is what she said exactly, hehe]

"Write anyway Vet oi. Write about living on your own. Writing is a catharsis of sorts. When you write it down, you just may see it's not so bad after all."

you, achinette, as usual is right. writing indeed is a good outlet for all negative thoughts. i guess when i said that i stopped writing, i meant i just didn't put my writing on a medium where people can read my thoughts. i continued writing, only i didn't announce where people can actually read them - and hehe, no intention whatsoever of ever announcing it to the world. let's just say, i want to keep the insanity confined to myself. the world doesn't have to know the extent of my kind of insanity.

hopefully, i will keep this up. IF I fail to write, then yeah, it's safe to blame it on my laziness. it's actually half the truth.


Chin said…
I'm almost always right because I'm awesome that way. I only get things wrong when I'm in the picture haha!

Well, if you won't write here, then my Christmas pressie for you would be perfect jud! I got you a notebook =P

A pretty notebook ha, as opposed to a gusgusin one. Hahaha! Email me your home addie beh so I can just courier-send to ya! I'm flying to Bayugan really soon so we might not see each other for the holidays na. I'll just send yours and the gang's pressies via courier :)
vetlongwalks said…
oh, chin..thanks for the christmas gift diay. i could definitely use them, but wala ko kabutangan, haha... naa ra sa counter nako. what happened to the notebook???