appreciation on your day

if i weren't at work when i found the drawing above, i would have fallen hard on the floor laughing. see, the script calls to mind the image of a good friend. it's unbelievable how he could consume so much ketchup in one sitting. be it boiled camote or grilled chicken, expect that he'd be squirting ketchup on his dish if he eyes a bottle of ketchup. peace dude!!

incidentally, today's his birthday!!! thus, allow me to greet him a very loud HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

you dude deserve a space here as you're one of the reasons i was able to gather enough courage to take on mission mactan. if it weren't for your determination and confidence, i wouldn't have taken up this project. because of you, i now get to enjoy my little pet house. i'm very much thankful to you for being patient at guiding me through the complicated process of house ownership. i thank you for following up on my papers. i most especially thank you for suggesting that i put my ref against the wall along the door. had i not listened to you, i wouldn't have achieved my perfect, albeit, tiny kitchen. i thank you for loaning me your speakers when i didn't have my own yet. your little actions of making sure faith is fit to provide me entertainment during weekends, dropping by the house to give me a copy or two of downloaded movies because i was then too stubborn and stingy to get myself net connection and hard disk are very much appreciated. i thank you for the few times when you've made your presence felt when i was in pain because of my beautiful uterus. i truly appreciated your sharing the word of GOD when i question the jokester for giving me my disease. yeah, i would never be a truly devout person, but i'm still thankful that you share what you know of HIM to me. lastly, thank you that you've chosen to walk away only at the time when i've learned to be truly independent, and not a minute before.

again, happy birthday dude!!! i wish you all the happiness the world can offer and success at whatever endeavor you've set your mind to doing. lastly, i wish you more resources and confidence enough to make you take the test, hehe..

[the drawing above was taken from this website - a project by alex holder and and ross neil.